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Michelle Cooke and the Barkass Pirates (December 2019)

The Final Book in the Gup the Sailor Tales: Title TBA (2020)

Hey fans of the character Michelle Cooke, from the Gup the Sailor tales! Today, while working on her side novel, which will be published after Gup the Sailor and the Devil to Pay, I was inspired by a real pirate story that I think you’ll find interesting! Have you ever heard of the pirate named Sadie the Goat? She was fierce; a lot like Michelle is… and so parts of her real pirate story will be interwoven into Michelle’s book. Here’s a small hint: Sadie the Goat actually bit off the ear of one of her best friends! And you thought Mike Tyson was scary! If that’s not pirate crazy enough for you… that little buccaneering historical fact will be alluded to in Michelle’s novel…
“But how?!” You ask? Well… you’ll have to wait and see!

Sadie the Goat
Sadie the Goat