Dear Backers

Dear Backers who pledged $100+ on my Kickstarter Campaign:

Imagine with me for a moment that your copy of The Dangerous Voyage of Gup the Sailor has at last arrived, and you are not aware of the message in a bottle heading your way.

You begin eagerly reading the novel while relaxing on a beach, lost in the story, yet still vaguely aware of the sound of the waves lapping at the sand. You forget the world around you for a while, as you get to know the novel’s characters. You find yourself invested in the young Gup’s adventure. You start to fall in love with the brilliant and charming, yet endearingly clumsy Jez. You wonder about the mysterious las, Michelle—and speculate how her story began. You start feel as if the dreaded Captain Keelhaul is watching you from within the pages of the book.

As you delve deeper and deeper into Gup’s narrative, a sound draws your gaze over the top of the book and to the sand where a line of soft seafoam draws the edge of the sea across the beach. There, rolling softly to and fro in the wash is a bottle—glistening in the late afternoon sunlight. The sound of bits of shell and sand make the tiniest of plinks with each shifting wave.

18157867_719874461517352_8031659523253612269_nYou set down The Dangerous Voyage of Gup the Sailor to investigate, and lo! Instead of rum or a hearty wine, the empty bottle doth have a message within her! You pop the cork, and pull a rolled bit of parchment out by its tied cordage. It’s a bit damp and there’s sand within—yet it seems fair enough to read!

You unroll the parchment, and glance at the signature right away … Behold! The message is from a character within the very novel you are reading! But from which one? What does it say?

As one of the Message in a Bottle Recipient Backers of The Dangerous Voyage of Gup the Sailor… you’ve only a few months left to wait before you find out!

Read Up, Me Hearties! Yo ho!

Jenai Marek

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