“Read up, me hearties! Yo Ho! A wonderful tale of sailing, pirates, and adventure!”~Railean Distillers & Pirate Guild

the dangerous voyage of gup book 2 ebook copy          (Book Two) Now that Gup has reunited with his family, he has earned an honored place among an elite and secret band of royal privateers. Joined by the ragtag crew that aided him since the beginning, and with Hettie by his side at the helm, Gup can now follow in his father’s footsteps, and his orders on a ship of his own. Named after the vengeance his Cannibal first mate still seeks against their enemy, Gup and crew return to the sea, and seek to take down the pirate Captain Keelhaul once and for all. But the Siren’s Eye that the pirate wields boons a peril Gup could never imagine!

Though they still have an alliance with the merpeople, Gup and his mateys, along with his parents and their crew, begin to realize that finding the villainous captain will take them through unexpected twists and turns across the known waters of their world. Coming face-to-face with new creatures, potential allies, and even greater scoundrels than the pirate they seek, can Gup succeed in his quest? Will he prove himself worthy of the captaincy, or will Gup realize his position as a privateer captain was a grave mistake? Publishing May 15, 2019 Available for PREORDER in April 2019

PIRATESEbook          (BOOK 1) Since the very day he was born, Gup has sailed the vast oceans and treacherous seas with his swashbuckling privateer parents. Though he knows little of life on land, circumstance soon finds him bound for safe harbor. Accompanied by his mother, Gup reluctantly leaves his father’s dangerous mission for his own safety. But on that tragic day, they fail to make it home!

          Kidnapped with his mother, by murderous pirates, Gup is tossed aside like cannon fodder. He finds himself marooned, a captive, in an island village that is anything but friendly. With the help of a ragtag band of orphans and outcasts, Gup schemes an escape. Hoping to find his father and save his mother, the young sailor embarks on a journey of a lifetime! But on this voyage, however, Gup realizes it’s no longer about reuniting his family, but about saving the world from an unspeakable fate. Published 2017

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MommaShark Press and the author of this book, Jenai M. Marek, have been supporters of the Sisters Helping Sisters organization for breast cancer support since 2014. Inspired by the recipients of this charity: the battling angels, heavenly angels, and their families, Marek committed herself to writing a children’s book to give inspiration and hope to the smallest, most vulnerable people touched by breast cancer… the young daughters who’ve lost their mommies before they could learn and grow with their mothers’ guidance. In honor of those strong little women, this book’s purpose is to shine a little light on the hope for the future, in spite of such loss. May it bring you and your family peace. Published 2018